Monday, September 14, 2009


While sitting on my patio, I watched a leaf fall from my neighbor's tree and remembered the
e.e. cummings poem,
"1(a...(a leaf falls on loneliness)". Inspiration enough for a simple pattern...

Just one lone leaf.
floating... emptiness to the ground.

The only color in this panel is the leaf. The dark green glass of the leaf with a light green glass being the underneath, curling up onto itself as it falls to the ground. The rest of the glass is clear with various textures and an opening in the middle, void of glass. When hung in a window, the clear glass will allow you to still see nature outside but your focus will be on the lone leaf.

Each piece of glass is hand cut then ground to the perfect shape and size. Each piece is wrapped in copper foil tape and then soldered together. This piece is framed in copper and the solder was given a copper patina rub. There are two hooks at the top for hanging.

Size: 10-1/2" x 18-1/2"
Price: Email for more information


  1. Beautiful pieces and great blog site. I plan to visit often.

    L. Smith

  2. beautiful work, i love it.

    don q