Friday, June 19, 2009

Stained Glass and Fused Glass

Here are some photographs of pieces that my husband and I have done. Some are for sale (check out some hang in our home, some were done as gifts for others, some have been sold and some are proto-types of upcoming custom work. I hope you enjoy them.

This is the project that started it all. Simple little windows done in the style and colors of our livingroom, hung from each other with short pieces of chain.

This is the window my husband made, that once hung in our guest room. It's the one my classmate and his wife bought for her mother for her 90th birthday.

I designed and created this 24" x 24" piece for a local firm. The "P" in the center is their company logo. The blocks of glass and their colors were based on the decor of their new office. They are having it mounted on a light box and hung in their receptionist area.

These smaller 5" x 7" pieces were done for our daughter's wedding. She carried mango calla liles, we matched the color of her flowers using a beautiful piece of reddish-orange glass. We also added a base so they could sit on a table and with a votive candle on the base they lit up beautifully.

I love symmetrical graphic art (after years of being a drafter for engineering firms) and wanted to mix it with the free flow of the fused glass. This piece is for sale.

This is a glass bowl that my husband created. He decided to do a simple design of stripes and speckles to make this beautiful piece. This piece is for sale.

Now for my proto-types. I envision recreating a child's art in glass. Children's art is simple in line and color but we all hold it so close to our hearts when its done by our own child.

I started with two pieces that my daughter did when she was younger. The original pieces are in the frames and the glass is positioned next to it so you can see that I've come very close to recreating it in fused glass.

The cut out of paper reindeer was done when she was 4 and in pre-school. I'm going to have the glass slumped into a rectangular dish that I can serve Christmas goodies on.

I recreated our daughter's painting of "Our Garden" that she did when she was 6, using glass frit (course glass sand). I used frit to make the picture brighter and translucent. I haven't decided yet if I want to have this piece slumped into a bowl or into a small vase.

If you wish to have a piece of stained glass or fused glass for your home or to have a piece of your child's art recreated in glass, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss that 'unique' piece just for you.

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